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Part-time game play, full-time income.

This is NOT solitaire or slots on your phone where you make $0.50 per hour, this is a way to make an actual living wage through video games.

Gam3r Studios is developing something truly incredible -- A way to make serious money while playing a video game. What's more, the goal is for this income potential is for it to be available to anyone! You won't have to be a hardcore 'gamer' or be super talented, there will be numerous ways and opportunities to leverage your gametime into a solid wage... Stay tuned as Gam3r Studios begins to announce all of the various ways one can earn money while playing their upcoming games!

How will this be achieved? Through a technology referred to as the Unbreakable Blockchain (and no, this has nothing to do with crypto). The reason it's called the Unbreakable Blockchain is because some of it's development came from blockchain concepts. Peer to peer transactions are readily supported, however, this tech also solves a critical flaw common amongst blockchains -- the Unbreakable Blockchain can support an unlimited number of CCU (concurrent users). The combined advantage of direct peer to peer transaction ability and an unlimited capacity of players sets the ideal conditions for a robust, global, digital economy.

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"Too many in my generation are struggling financially. Often, it takes a career plus a side hustle or two to live comfortably....

What if we could change that?"

Stay tuned...

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