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Gam3r Studios is a new Utah-based gaming company that is setting out to change online gaming forever. All campaign games developed will be built on a proprietary, groundbreaking technology referred to as the Unbreakable Blockchain. This technology platform was a necessary innovation in order to create a gaming ecosystem with numerous player benefits including the ability to make significant amounts of money and choose your preferred gameplay style(s). Although the technical aspects of our software strategy are what makes Gam3r Studios so unique, the company's overall goal is to make incredible, AAA rated games that are easy to play and enjoy!

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Soon you'll be able to follow the Gam3r journey on Linkedin, X, & YouTube! I will be explaining who we are, our goals for this company, and giving insight about our upcoming games.

- Br33

Gam3r Studios Human Soldier profile
Gam3r Studios Soterian profile
Gam3r Studios OG Hyperion
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Upcoming Games:




The first campaign game to be released will be Induction. A space & sci-fi genre, the complex storyline was written over a period of 10 years by Gam3r Studios co-founder, Kol10.

Second, Gam3r Studios will release this horror themed game. Players will be able to explore spooky and mysterious legends from around the world and throughout time.

Calamity and divisiveness strikes with this game! Lands conquered are lands stolen, which idols will become gods in the eyes of those that wage war?

Gam3r Studios Induction Game Rough Sketch Concept

Great wonders of the world, great feats of humanity. Ponder the cradle of life, legend says the most extreme of all success and failure lies here.


Merchants, traders, and plunderers. The voyage sets our sails north and far under the ice, to a world of myth and legend!

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