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A global human dictatorship, DECA, is in place but there are those that oppose this rule. Some have fled to safe-harbor planets, some are being hunted, and some are ready to fight... But how well do they know their enemy?
Induction's campaign primarily follows the story of a small, elite group of soldiers, each with unique specializations. Shane, their leader, seeks justice for humanity. But will his quest be the catalyst for an ultimate apocalypse?

Stages of Release:

  1. ALPHA Testing, Battle Royale -
    Invite only, exclusive first-access to Induction's battle royale game. This will be our first playable "rough draft" and we need alpha testers to provide valuable feedback!

  2. BETA Testing, Battle Royale -
    After some adjustments made from the input of our Alpha testers, Induction's battle royale game will be released to the general public for beta testing.

  3. INDUCTION, Chapter 1  -
    Chapter 1  of Induction's main campaign is released on our open-world platform! We will continue to add additional features and functionality to this platform. There will be tons of side missions and your own choice of gameplay styles available!

Be An Alpha Tester!

Thank you! We'll be in touch as the Alpha Release nears.

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