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A New Market Created

Gam3r Studios makes video games but that does not mean we are a traditional gaming studio. And even though we use a customized blockchain as part of our gaming platform, we are not a Web3 company either. So, when discussing numbers and the market potential of Gam3r Studios, where are we?

Great question, let's talk about it! Gam3r Studios will actually pull it's audience from 3 areas/industries: Gaming, Web3, and the population of individuals who are not gamers or tech enthusiast but want to capitalize on the money-making aspect of Gam3r Studios games. By 2027 the gaming industry is expected exceed $520B across all segments and the web3 gaming industry is expected to grow to over $65B. Knowing this, and accounting for the segments of each of these industries that Gam3r Studios will participate in, the new combined industry valuation maximum for Gam3r Studios would be about $350B. The big question that remains is how much of that $350B max will Gam3r Studios achieve for it's market cap?


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