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Childhood Imaginary Friends - Real and Practical AI Companions

Those familiar with the Golden Compass film or His Dark Materials book series may recall the animal companions referred to as daemons. In this fantasy world, children's daemons change or shapeshift frequently to match the child's personality and sense of self, which is ever-changing. A leading AI development company in Utah, Swiss Apps IT, has been working on the next generation of artificial intelligence known as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). With the progression of their AGI software, Swiss Apps IT has alluded to an incredible project coming in 2024: advanced personal AI companions.

Swiss Apps IT's founder and lead software engineer, Br33 and Kol10 Jones, are testing this AI companion project within their own family first. Br33 has stated, "My husband wanted to create a unique AI for each of us and our kids. The AI would be our personal assistant in life and a safety tool as well. Our son had created an imaginary friend during the pandemic, so the project is a fun way to actually make that imaginary friend of his real!".

These AI companions are set to migrate to the more advanced AGI level during the second testing phase and the option to have your own personal AI designed and built may become available to select members of the general public as soon as Q3 2024.


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