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GAM3R STUDIOS: The Company, the Pitch.

Gam3r Studios Sniper soldier Sucre Concept


Gam3r Studios is a gaming collective; a hub for handpicked gaming IPs that will be hosted using our advanced technology. Our goal is to curate and craft exceptional video games with unmatched functionality, surpassing industry standards and allowing us to redefine the gaming market.


Some of this additional functionality includes the option to select preferred game styles, such as open-world (creative, survival, career mode, etc.), first-person, third-person, role-playing, or even embodying a personal avatar. Regardless of the game, all these diverse play modes will be available across all titles developed by Gam3r Studios, ensuring that players can engage with each game in their own preferred manner.

Gam3r Studios Plasma Thruster Concept
Gam3r Studios Soldier Helmet Texture Conpcept
Gam3r Studios A gaming world link Concept
Gam3r Studios City Human Game Concept


Gam3r Studios brings forth yet another remarkable aspect to its gaming experience—the potential for players to earn substantial income within each game. This is not just a meager few cents or a couple of dollars; rather, the studio aims to empower any individual to generate a full-time income through part-time gameplay.


These extra gaming features developed by Gam3r Studios are made possible because of the proprietary software that all of our games will be developed on.

We called our software strategy the Unbreakable Blockchain, however, it is actually made possible by integrating blockchain and web2 software strategies together, obtaining the best of both worlds. We can achieve the in-system monetization of blockchain without the need for traditional crypto or fees. Our technology can also support an unlimited number of concurrent users (people playing a game simultaneously).


At Gam3r Studios, our ultimate aim is to create video games that are undeniably exceptional, driven by cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to quality. The fusion of advanced technology enables us to deliver breathtaking graphics, captivating storylines, and immersive gameplay, culminating in truly badass gaming experiences that will leave players in awe.


Similar to how an individual film has its own legal entity and revenue potential separate from the producing film company, we look at our game valuations in a similar way. Presently, our first game to be built, Induction, holds a valuation of $10M. This value represents the cost of assets owned by Induction and its game development costs. Induction is the project/company Gam3r Studios is currently raising a seed round for. Due to the ongoing and perpetual game structure, Induction, and each future game initiated by Gam3r Studios, will act as its own legal entity/business.


By 2027 the total addressable market for Gam3r Studios (each game we curate) is projected to exceed $350B. So what does that mean for our potential market cap? Honestly, who the hell knows!

While it's very difficult for any company to accurately predict how much of their addressable market they will consume, our potential for significant growth and success is evident. Onboarding approximately 500k users to our first game, Induction, within the first two years we hope will equate to about $200M in annual company profits. This would increase Induction's valuation from $10M to approximately $1B as soon as the end of 2027.

Br33 Jon3s Gam3r Studios Founder

Interested in investing?

Email our founder & CEO, Br33, directly at

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