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     The origins of Gam3r Studios are actually born from the ashes of hardship and uncertainty, a story about rising above adversity even when the path forward is unclear. In early 2022, we, the founders, were at a rough point in our lives. Life had become difficult, and we found ourselves asking, 'Can we do this? Can we stay together?' We won't share the specific events that led to this, but it was obvious to us that we needed something to heal our souls, a passion project that would allow us to dream big together again.

     It could have been the end, but we had a mutual desire to stay committed, so we buckled down and found a way to strengthen our bond instead. In April 2022, we merged Br33's software company with Kol10's manuscript — nearly a thousand pages of an epic, adventure-filled space story! Gam3r Studios was born, along with the an opportunity for us to work at happier life.

     So there you have it, the foundation of our company is messy and emotional, raw and real. We don't mind if it sounds cheesy; this world definitely needs more stories that embrace the values of imperfect hope, conscientious commitment, and grit.

~ Br33 & Kol10

Gam3r Studios founders Br33 & Kol10
Gam3r Studios Br33 & Kol10 Jon3s family

"We believe in the importance of the family, conscientious commitment to do good, and the fundamental right to experience consistent joy."

- Jon3s family

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Br33 & Kol10
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