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Meet the founders, Br33 & Kol10. Learn more about how they built their tech companies and their vision for the future!

Gam3r Studios Br33 & Kol10 Turning SciFi into Reality

Gam3r Studios & Swiss Apps I.T. are joining forces to collaborate on the future of an advanced youth education program.

Gam3r Studios Gamified Technology

Our sister company, AKA the "quiet giant in A.I. technology". This software development company focuses on advanced, novel projects.

Swiss Apps I.T. the quiet giant in A.I. A.G.I. technology

Dive into the games currently under development. Expansive worlds with epic campaigns as well as innovative gameplay!

Gam3r Studios DECA wanted refugee

Begin to understand how businesses will have the opportunity to scale in a gamified setting. The beginnings of a global economy!

Gam3r Studios City Human Game Concept

This was the concept that started it all; the think tank that led to Gam3r Studios, Swiss Apps I.T., and more ventures yet to be announced!

Spid3rThink the many legs of technology development
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