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Gam3r Studios Utah Logo

Get Ready!!

#Gam3rUtah investment campaign will be opening soon:

Gam3r Studios is rooted in deep intrinsic values and goals that we want to see achieved in the world. Part of the intrinsic nature of this company is that it is a UTAH company! And we are incredibly proud of that. But here is the question, will UT rally to support us on this journey??

If we created a crowdfunding campaign where every donation, no matter the amount, was given a proportionate ownership in the company, would UT rise to the occasion?

How cool would it be if Gam3r Studios became a gaming company that was of the people and for the people? Something we could all take pride and ownership in locally. THAT is the vision for this company. THAT is what we want Utah to help us build.

Are you willing? 

We would love more community awareness and support of our company. We want people to know who we are even if you don't have an interest in video games. Our company is apart of Utah, we're proud of that, and we want Utah to be proud of us.

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